A Network
Creating Change

The Status Network is an open set of projects building peer-to-peer technologies for people to transact securely, communicate freely, and organize with confidence.

Together, we build financial and social technology that empowers people to advance their own sovereign communities.

What we build

The Network is building a new decentralized technology stack from low level protocols, to developer tools, to consumer products & applications. Our focus is on security, privacy, and peer-to-peer infrastructure and experiences.

  • Products

    Products to enable local societies and economies to thrive despite volatile governments, social structures, and economies.

  • Developer Tools

    Tooling and systems to allow others to build new products and services suited to their specific needs.

  • Infrastructure

    Infrastructure for local communities to take back sovereignty and remove the reliance on third parties.

Why we build it

Our principles drive us to build the means for freedom to anyone who wants to take control back into their own hands. Because we believe that having the means for financial independence, free expression, and community sovereignty should be fundamental human rights.

By providing open, secure internet infrastructure, we hope to empower emerging communities with resilient means to organize, govern, and build their own communication and economic systems free from surveillance and central banking.

How can The Status Network help sovereign communities?

Every individual and community has different needs. The Status Network provides modular sets of tools and infrastructure to help diverse communities around the globe achieve greater autonomy.


Secure apps for private communication and the freedom to organize.


Tools to trade and access open financial services.


Enables equal access even in the most remote areas in the world.


Neutral underlying p2p protocols that aren't controlled by a single company or person.

Open Source

Software for developers to harness a p2p stack to create their own applications that uphold human rights and fosters economic opportunity.